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AIDA & Costa : Deck Utility

The Deck Utility has two main duties. The first may be to maintain the ship’s interior and exterior. This Deck Utility is employed by the Bosun, carrying out cleaning, polishing of wood, brass and other metal parts, painting or lacquering of the bridge superstructure, lifeboats, or the ship’s sides. He or she follows splicing and cable repair onboard. The Deck Utility participates in the service of loading and unloading of passenger baggage. He holds the safety functions assigned by the head of safety, including launching survival and recovery operations on lifeboats, in case of emergency. During navigation, the Deck Utility remains at the bow or stern. The second main duty is to work for the treatment of waste. This Deck Utility is instead employed by the 2nd Bosun and deals with the treatment of waste, collection of local waste, division of waste, and treatment in accordance with the Company procedures and the indications of the Environmental Officer.

AIDA & Costa : Plumber

The Plumber is a person with extensive experience in the field of maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems in general, in particular with water distribution circuits, with treatment and disposal of sewage and wastewater, and with systems for swimming pools and hot tubs. He reports to the Hotel Engineer. The Plumber has experience in workshops, as well as in the maintenance and repair of the nonelectrical components of equipment located kitchens or in bars found in large hotels, such as dishwashers, mixers, pasta cookers, ovens, etc. The Plumber must be skilled in the management of spare parts.

AIDA & Costa : Wiper

Wiper is primarily engaged in the cleaning and painting of various areas and machinery that are in the Engine Room and all those places considered “technical.” He is also assigned to the handling of materials and spare parts. The Wiper works under the guidance of the Foreman.

PRINCESS CRUISES: Accommodation Attendant

Responsible in maintaining rooms and public areas at all times, both inside and outside, following the company's standards for housekeeping, sanitation, and maintenance.

PRINCESS CRUISES: Laundry Attendant

Responsible for pressing and processing the officers' laundry, guest laundry, crew laundry and uniforms.

PRINCESS CRUISES: General Galley Steward

Responsible in cleaning and sanitizing specific galley preparation and service areas and gallery machinery and equipment.

COSTA CRUISES: Housekeeping Steward Trainee

  • Cleans and keeps tidy and clear the assigned area in accordance with sanitation standards
  • Uses materials and products delivered by supervisor and is responsible for their employment in order to comply with sanitation standards

COSTA CRUISES: F&B Attendant Trainee

  • Picks up and delivers food and beverage during the service periods from the galley to the dining room.
  • Sets up and cleans the assigned area to guarantee the compliance to the PHS procedures and service standards.
  • During the service brings to the Galley area all the materials for washing, facilitating the process by arranging them according to instructions received and bring back to the waiter stations.


Be in charge in souvenir shop or jewelry shop.



AIDA & COSTA : Security Guard

  • Conduct access control for cruise passengers, employees, visitors, and other persons to guard and maintain security of premises
  • Monitor and report suspicious activities to local authorities. Monitors security aboard the ship 24/7 alternating day and night shifts. Performs regular safety rounds of public, crew and off-limit areas of the ship. Presents to the Chief/Deputy Security Officer the log of activities during the night time hours
  • Inspect passenger and crew documents validity such as; port ids, driver’s licenses, passports for access control to the ship
  • Execute post responsibilities as required
  • Follow specific post orders